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120hz - On Medium Power Settings

To Activate 120hz screen refresh on your Galaxy s20 series phone in power saving mode, do the following:

1) Make sure "Power saving mode" is turned off.

2) then goto display in "Settings" and select "Motion Smoothness"

3) select "High" then tap "Apply", go back into "Motion Smoothness" then select "Standard", then tap "Apply" then back into"Motion Smoothness" and select "high" but "do not tap" "Apply"

4) Swipe down on the screen and select the text under the "power mode" option.

5) choose what options to save power on and turn on power save option at the top.

6) now go back into the "Display" in Settings, and select"Motion Smoothness" and "High" should be highlighted tap"Apply" and you're done.

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