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DELL E6420 SSD installation problem

If you own a Dell Latitude 6420, you know that when you upgrade the HDD for a SSD the hard drive is thicker than the SSD and won't install properly.

These 2 - Steps will enable you to install the new SSD properly.

1 - Once the SSD is in the caddy, push up as you slide it in the bay. Then the SSD will be firmly placed in the port inside.

Important: You must "push up and slide" because the SSD is thinner than the default hard drive, so its not as snug a fit.

2 - Go into your BIOS and go to "boot sequence" select UEFI: INT13(RAID,0x80) and select apply, then exit.

Once your computer has rebooted everything should work.

This is a solution that worked for me there could be other reasons that the SSD does not get detected. See the rest of the forums here for other solutions. I hope this helps.

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